First of all, you collect all possible information about the company to use here. Mention that you are developing projects, awards or prizes recent favorable comments have been posted recently … 3 .- Body: This is the main part, where you have to “sell well.” You have to expose the company you have to offer and why you need your services. Explain what you can contribute, training, skills, experiences, etc. .- that are useful to perform the requested work. 4 .- Closure: At the end of the letter requesting an interview, but try to be original and proactive. Instead of saying the usual phrase “I expect his call,” say you can call to arrange an interview. It ends with a compliment that is close, but not very intimate and you do not know the recipient.

It ends with your signature, and below put your name, address and phone, although you have already put in the header. Caring for the presentation The presentation of the Charter or the curriculum is as important as the content itself. The coach has very little time to devote to your resume or your letter, so this should be attractive and professional. You should consider these simple tips: The letter should not take more than one folio. The paper should be of quality, standard size and undamaged. Original always sent the letter, never photocopies.

Put as much attention on the envelope as in the letter. On the envelope, write the data clean, without erasures or deletions. Normally the letter is written by computer, but some companies can ask that compose by hand. In this case, follow these tips: Make sure the lines are straight with pen writes better than with pen. Leave wide margins and regular The letter should appear neat. The entry must be the one you use normally. Compose tips Here is a series of tips to help you: Use a clear and concise language. Use short sentences and simple short sentences and avoid gimmicky phrases, separated Write short paragraphs and use action verbs. It uses a cordial and respectful tone. Do not be too warm and conversational. Do not be rhetorical. Be positive, reveals your optimism. Avoid giving too bad, but not be arrogant. Describe your skills, your abilities and accomplishments without pedantry.

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