Business responds to wait the Google initiative Hamburg/Munich / Berlin, September 15, 2008 – the media have heralded according to Silicon columnist Achim killer new Festival in cyberspace. The subject, at which itself measures an impressive number of underestimated aesthetes, is: Google’s chrome browser. 19.969 German and the culturally interested find 19.930 English-language article in the Web of course via Google News. The facts are rather scrawny: Google makes money with information about the surfer. Anyone looking for such information is the group. Who uses his other services, more.

That’s why Google distributed a browser which subscribe to these services by default\”, writes killer. A comic book, a few sentences for the press and a one-line download reference on the Internet home page sufficient according to a report of the mirror, to ignite a global hype in media, blogs, and online business within a few hours. In the first days, millions of people installed the program on your computer. Only a few Seconds takes that won’t cost a penny – and could change as the future of the Web as the power tectonics of group sizes\”, believes the mirror. Since an attack on Microsoft and its leader in the browser market, the Internet Explorer chrome in truth.

The almost religious battle of two American software giants the new Google service opened in a new, possibly decisive debate that creed will eventually win the sovereignty now\”, the Hamburg-based newsmagazine speculated. Two worlds, two business models, two fundamentally different business strategies about, how you can work and earn money with computers and the Internet, would clash now. Microsoft is on the one hand: the company wants to continue to sell its programs as a software package to its customers. Which are Word, Excel, PowerPoint & co. how eh and install depending on your hard drive and your digital life in your own computer.

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