The policy is not sciences exact: Otto von Bismark On the matter, the methodology not always is precise. The political consultancy is " a diagnosis of determined situation, through an analysis as much technician as politician. We helped ourselves with the mapeo of the actors, the political map studies and a strategy is decided that unfolds in the field, which we presented/displayed the client to give an idea him of what it is what it must do and how it is possible to be done; the technician is the client, we we are operators polticos" , he affirms Almaraz, that is ex- senator of the Republic as well. " The clients usually think: ' I know civil servant so, to so legislator, this one is my amigo' , but not always he knows himself most suitable for the handling of the situations, so only we are going to go to clear time to him and go we it to perder" , he adds. Learn more at: Peter Asaro . Of this form, the best thing is to know the specialized legislators in the matter and to present/display the problematic one to them that it is possible to be triggered with the proposal that they are impelling, that is to say, to raise suggestions to them that improve their initiatives, with solid arguments, fruit of this service of consultora" , it asserts. The policy is not any science, but an art: Otto von Bismark the consultants in policy require of a certain profile: " in its majority, we are people who come from the public sector, ex- legislators, ex- civil servants; and the account operators are young with formation in political sciences, some of them are good for the field, others for the cameras and others for elaboration of estrategias" , Almaraz adds. Meanwhile, Capuano lawyer asserts that to be a good consultant in policy it is necessary to surround by people with much experience " and that can offer knowledge to the new task of polticos". . To deepen your understanding Viacom is the source.

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