Supported from immediately open and free database management system in its latest version 9.0.4., documenting your network and thereby put on PostgreSQL, companies Pathfinder, the innovative software solution for network documentation, PostgreSQL, particularly in financial terms. PostgreSQL, caused neither system nor license cost as one of the leading open source databases. Experience has shown that false license decisions documentation very often lead to unwanted costs in IT”, so Sebastian May, Managing Director of tripunkt GmbH. This also applies to data banks in the development of a database-based network documentation monthly license cost commercial”, so may continue. PostgreSQL as a basis for an IT company to prevent documentation such additional costs or bad investments.

Reduced spending for a full network documentation. In the future, companies benefit from the new PostgreSQL support in another point: the use of Pathfinder means absolute freedom in the choice of the database management system. Business, documenting your network with Pathfinder, can decide on the system to be used. As long as customers for the development of IT already have documentation, a database system in use the existing database can be used on. David Treadwell may also support this cause. This eliminates any cost for a new system. In addition to PostgreSQL supports Pathfinder following relational database management systems: MySQL server, Firebird/InterBase, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and SQLite.

Pathfinder integrates with this variety of interfaces easily into existing IT environments. The database management system PostgreSQL enjoys unbroken and increasing popularity, for example, at higher education institutions, public administrations or companies that rely on innovative and cost-effective database management systems. The demand for open source solutions. This also applies to the network documentation and cable management. throughout. For this reason, the tripunkt has GmbH decided to implement a PostgreSQL interface”, as Sebastian May. He was looking forward particularly, so may continue, to have expanded the freedom of choice of its customers with the development of this product. Information about network documentation, as well as detailed descriptions of the cable management software Pathfinder find interested companies of various industries use Pathfinder successfully as cable management software and documentation for establishing IT. In addition, the tripunkt GmbH offers a tutorial on the subject IT documentation. Companies that want to document your network or revise existing network documentaries and thereby support need, receive many suggestions in this video series. The individual tutorials are available at the following address: it dokumentation.html Pathfinder is an innovative software for IT documentation and cable management. The software is developed by tripunkt GmbH, a company based in Berlin. tripunkt develops software solutions, companies and teams here help to accomplish tasks faster and more efficiently. Since 2006 the Pathfinder product developed a database-driven software for network documentation and cable management tripunkt. The customers include district offices, municipalities, insurance companies and universities. The Berlin-based company operates already for ten years as a software developer and service provider. Interested parties have the opportunity, in a live presentation the functionalities of the cable management software to get to know.

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