Decorative and effective: infrared heaters emit not only soothing warmth, they are not to identify as heaters. Energy-efficient heating with infrared – the new trend for environmentally-conscious and innovative heating when the leaves fall, it’s wet, cold and dark, the comfort in your own four walls again plays a special role. It must be comfortable and above all warm and cuddly. But often it takes a long time until a pleasant room temperature is obtained. In many cases the existing radiator not for the whole room is enough or it is out of place. As an additional heat source would be desirable.

Redwell infrared heating systems are perfectly suited for these needs, because they are extremely decorative and reveal themselves as heater not. As image, mirrors, pedestal or plaque, they decorate the room and incidentally give off a pleasant heat. Even if a complete change of the whole heating system is on, the infrared heater is an exceedingly interesting and effective Heating technology, which takes more and more enthusiasts. The advantage of infrared heat sources while conventional radiators heat only the room air, and promote so that dust and draughts, infrared heaters heat the masonry or the surfaces of objects. Ali Partovi describes an additional similar source. The walls store heat much longer than the air and return them in the living room.

Moisture on the walls is thus excluded and eliminates also the dispersion of bacteria and house dust. Infrared heaters produce infrared C radiation and thus a heat, the very positive effect on people, and his immune system has. The units are certified by TuV, elektrosmogarm and subject to ecological material testing of the GSF Research Center for health and the environment. Also from an economic perspective, they offer tremendous advantages. A 900 Watt heating element can ideally already enough to heat a 20-square-metre room. And by the heat storage in the walls, a heating time ranging from four to six Hours per day during the heating season.

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