Dr. Kraus and partners has developed new instrument for controlling processes of change. For major change projects especially those with whom a staff reduction is accompanied by the emotions boil over quickly. Therefore, it is important to explore the mood in the operating regularly, to early detect possible fires. Companies do this often lack an instrument. Therefore, the management consultancy of Dr. Kraus & partner, Bruchsal, the so-called barometer of change has developed. This change tool companies in change projects can determine regularly how the mood is in your organization, to what extent this has changed and where intervention is necessary, to achieve the project goals.

The barometer of change works according to Stefan soon, Managing Director of Dr. Kraus & partners, much like a fever thermometer\”. In other words, without a large amount of time and energy can for example every four to six weeks with him through an employee survey in fairly short intervals \”regularly the operating temperature\” be measured. The goal here: Changes could make adult problems should be detected early so that timely countermeasures can be taken. The four dimensions are recorded in the survey information flow (feel good are the employees informed?) Commitment (extent to which they identify with the goals of the project and they are willing to get involved to do this?) Dialog (to what extent they feel integrated in the process and how do they judge the opportunity to contribute their own ideas?) and action support (get the employees the necessary support to make their contribution to the goals?) The barometer of change works as follows: to the four dimensions only a question the staff at routine meetings as well as meetings. Stefan calls the reason soon: otherwise, the survey would be too expensive and she would by the staff during the project, Anyway, tend to be overloaded, not accepted.\” \”\” Relative to the dimension information flow can the for example question: you feel informed enough about the project and the course of the project? \”and based on the dimension you your knowledge and skills as well as your ideas as desired bring dialogue can?\” Answer these questions to the staff each, by they assign them one of the grades from 1 to 6.

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