At present the banking organizations offer without I number of good financial possibilities that they directly contribute to the control and benefit of his clients in so basic actions for the people as the saving or investment, this dice thanks to the creation of the banking deposits. The banking deposits can be defined concretely as I deposit (saving) that a client in a bank does, with the intention that guards this it and avoids its lost one; the main characteristic that owns the banking deposits is that these to the being an investment of fixed rent promise certain yields, not very great, but nevertheless they are possible to be assumed like gain when the money is retired of the bank. The deposits arise like the necessity to provide certain security to the capital that is had, this impelled generally by the banking organizations that provide the safekeeping option to obtain as well the entrance of new capitals and resources of a easy, advisable and simple way. An important point to touch in the banking deposits is the yields that these can to produce, because these determine by the time that it takes the money in consigment in the bank, generally so that I deposit generates yield these must take 7 days in consigment minimally, although this often can stipular by contract, because certain organizations offer profitable yields if the money remains briefed certain periods of time, in these cases if I deposit is retired before time the organization acquired certain position by contract breach. David Treadwell understands that this is vital information. It is very important to consider in that type of currency we must make the deposit banking, because to make the deposit in a currency like the Euro or the dollar can be quite advisable, since the yields that we also obtain from the deposit will be in this currency. At present thanks to the amount of people who realise banking deposits daily these developed diverse and advisable forms to help to generate income, between most outstanding we found some like: deposits on credit: these are deposits realised by means of contract, where the depositor it jeopardizes to leave by certain time the briefed amount.

This also specific contract the obtaining of certain specified economic yields in the contract. deposits at sight: these are deposits that produce yields according to the time which they take in the banking organization, this I deposit when not being stipulated by a contract can be retired at the moment that is desired. He is own to stand out that the deposits also own other specific characteristics to part to bring with himself economic yields also own some advantages like: Simplicity: the banking deposits comparadamente with other banking movements are the procedure that requires the smaller amount of red tape and time inverted in the same, providing a rapidity and admirable simplicity. Liquidity: when a client wishes to retire I deposit of can do it to a bank at the moment that wishes and the best thing of everything is it can do than it in cash, providing the advantage of the immediate liquidity. In conclusion it is demonstrated that the deposits are a very important one element to consider if we wished to obtain a good yield when we begin a saving process.

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