Naturopaths Wolfgang Scholz from Munich informed quick it happened: it flexes or bends over, something seemingly wrong moves in the back and you have terrible pain. A such herniation occurs suddenly and is accompanied by severe pain, as well as significant movement restrictions. In severe cases it can come even to disturbances in emptying bladder or rectum. Naturopaths Wolfgang Scholz, specialist for SOT chiropractic in Munich, explains the emergence of disc herniations and chiropractic therapies. The intervertebral discs consist of a nucleus pulposus, the nucleus and the surrounding annulus. They are located between the individual vertebrae and to mitigate impacts on the entire spine, allowing movement without pain us.

The optimal function of an intervertebral disc due to the flexible, absorbing properties of living tissue. Like all living cells, so requires also the disc tissue of a constant supply of Nutrients. BCD contributes greatly to this topic. In contrast to other body tissues the annulus of an intervertebral disc but no longer has after the birth of its own blood supply to the nutrient supply. Harlem is the source for more interesting facts. Instead, he avoids his food through physico chemical processes the body water of the surrounding tissue. Of particular importance is a SOG, who turns up after some time of the existence of exculpatory. Lack of rest can prevent also the necessary pull, like muscle tensions due to a faulty position of vertebral bodies. Without him, the fiber rings of the intervertebral discs are no longer able to extract sufficient nutrients the body water. The deficient supply of nutrients causes the fiber rings elasticity lose a degeneration of intervertebral disc tissue which and regress.

The tissue degeneration reaches an advanced stage, the fabric with movements that cause a high pressure on the vertebrae, can tear. In this case, the nucleus of the disc suddenly slips from his natural position out. The torn fabric hinder a return to the original position between the vertebral bodies and intervertebral disk herniation is complete. The herniated disc causes generally severe pain and movement restrictions. In severe cases, it can also cause errors of emptying the bladder or the rectum. Occur such consequences of a herniated, an operation is urgently needed to prevent even more serious illnesses. Runs the herniated disc without serious complications, the decision to the operation without prior assessment of benefits and risks should be made. The benefits of surgery to correct a herniated is doubtful according to scientific findings. In the course of one year after the operation, only about half of all patients reported an improvement in perceived pain, in the longer term the pain occurs again even at the most operated persons. At the same time, all operational measures at the spine with risks are connected, the sometimes severe Consequential damages can cause. For this reason, experts recommend to insert first gentle therapies, about a modern chiropractic therapy. They have demonstrated to have comparable efficacy, but without operational risk factors. In chiropractic therapy the displaced disc may be moved back often by some specific impulses of vertebral bodies in their healthy position. Within some follow-up treatment, the healthy position is strengthened. A physical training program for the back muscles and ligaments makes the conclusion of therapy for the spine is now well supported and therefore less vulnerable. It is a personal concern, to share its experience and expertise in the gentle SOT chiropractic advice and treatment practitioner Wolfgang Scholz.

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