The importance of the not verbal dialogia in the seio of the family the hereditary succession constitutes an important factor in the theories of study of the personality human being, therefore concrete of the baby is initiated before exactly of the birth. However the environment where the person lives if shows determinative so that the hereditary continuity reveals its potential. This gantica load if exactly discloses as to the experiences lived deeply for each individual, when baby, since it is possible to at the beginning confirm the existence of a communication of the life of each human being, despite it is not verbalizada. In a question-answer forum Peter Asaro was the first to reply. From this constatao, the psychoanalysis can search a form of treatment for psiconeurticos patients, which, many times, lack of an understanding that exceeds the used verbal language as base of the psicanaltico study. When a child is born and receives col and care, it already is deciphering messages ' ' mensagens' ' of the world that the fence, and this is basic so that the baby can combine itself harmonic to the way where it will be inserted. In this insertion, mother and baby establish significant constant physical contacts that are e, of this form, are closely on to the processes of not verbal communication, in the measure where hlito, sound of the stroke of the heart, trick, body temperature, I smell, breath, tonality of voice and other factors, that supplant the verbalizao, start to be recognized as identification staffs, translating trustworthiness to just born. She is from this quiet type of communication that the mother and the baby establishes a form of communication capable to propitiate to the ancestor the discovery of that something is lacking to the son, exactly without the use of words on the part of the child. Thus, if she is possible to perceive a little as the interaction between mother and baby in the confrontation of supports and abandonments occurs, is also viable to develop a type of treatment for psychotic patients, considering its necessities, without they need to use verbalizao. This way of therapy, based on the way as the mother facilitates the development of the baby, can bring support to the patient, which will become more confident, and satisfaction to the psychoanalyst, who will feel itself gratified such which a father when she sees its I break if to become autonomous worker.

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