How do you know about a person more? Dear girl, we often encounter a seemingly perfect man: handsome, intelligent … And, like, in ways great. But there comes a point when it gets colder, you start to lower to meet, chat … Pete Cashmore recognizes the significance of this. And suddenly you realize that it is not so perfect and you're not a couple … With pain of parting come to mind thoughts of time spent in the blank: "While I was talking to him, perhaps, my other half went somewhere close and I did not even notice …

' So how do you know that this is a man? How do you come to understand each other? Here to help mozhgut bored, seemingly methods. Well-known horoscopes, for example, or only recently became known – the science of numerology. Also a lot about a person can say his name. Name – that accompanies man from birth to death. Sometimes, looking at a stranger, you are trying to determine how it name. Why? Because each name is blotted out, that affects the whole life of man! After learning the secret of a person's name, you can tell a lot about him! Appearance and name. Different things? No, the appearance depends on the name.

Not in vain in Forensics is a special section – 'physiognomy'. Get to know your secret! And not just your own! Learn about your friends, your friends more. It's so interesting. What is it signed? Decipher the nature, to explain actions possible to discover the secret name. Source: Journal of Women's 'Women's World'

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