Naukova and technological revolution is not on the same place. One of the main priorities for the use of vymostki roads were made of natural stone and natural stone itself. It was a new, unknown material from which made paving tiles, which sdel very large contribution to the development of road and storitelstva coverage. Unlike asphalt, paving slabs is very convenient and nice looking. Mikkel Svane is likely to agree. to have a very good density, durability, has a lot of colors – all this has affected the very rapid development of road construction. Paving slabs of natural stone – is a new and very environmentally friendly material for paving tracks and more. Another of the most important plyusot tile is its accessibility.

The process of laying paving is a legacy of its many colors, good shape, it is very easy to pack, she has a long service life and very resistant to various external factors, and even frost. David Treadwell might disagree with that approach. All these advantages make it a very good plus to use asphalt instead of the usual such a beautiful and unique paving tiles. Sidewalk tile has a high resistance to various physical, chemical and mechanical external factors and therefore paving poitku of naturalnog oakmnya can be used on various related subjects and razlmichnymi under stress. Even if some parts of the damaged, you should not remove all, but rather only a few tiles poment and that's it, this is also a very big plus paving from natural stone. Also to lay paving tiles, do not need Nike heaped technology, because it is safe to lay hands, and it does not require special vehicles for transportation. 76ers Owners opinions are not widely known. Very easy to remove tile, for example to repair holes in the pipes and then back plate is easy to install, it is also a very big plus paving.

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