Modern hedonists love antiques. Antiques because no other furniture, the sensual pleasures of bygone eras can be so vivid. Louis XVI, the Sun King as the epitome of luxurious extravagance and initiator wonderful, baroque antiques, the age of the libertine as a highly frivolous, more sensual affair – which supporters could resist the lustful bliss. The renaissance of the Luxurious in daily life can wait. Modern purism and clarity are their worst enemies. And dream the other hand, can revel in the wonderful draperies earlier epochs of history and on the chaise lounges. Can live out this desire for beauty, even when visits to the lush Schlossslen museums, antique shops and on the pages of selected books. The Bavarian countryside offers plenty of Neuschwanstein even the most demanding among the wits of the Munich-based food and antiques trade would now like Ludwig IIhappy and glorious worked previously with unusual exhibits. To whom it had failed to follow the footsteps of history, there remains only the way to the book shelf. But exactly which book is the generous dedication to the craftsmanship and the perfect splendor of the past really awake The voyeurs among pleasurable were the insights into the books of the antique antique guide, an antiques guide from Munich encouraged. Three double pages for each of the handpicked Books about antiques and antique living environments can be the heaven of bliss for the Couch Patato among the hedonists come true. Books like “Dangerous Liaisons”, “Paint” and “More is More ‘, for example, or, Noble luster” and “divinely decadent” to kidnap the international domiciles visual freethinkers and make dreams come true at wonderfully comfortable way.

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