For several days, these modern symbols of Christmas are announcements of toys we “bombarded” with its multiple messages to children and adults for the sole purpose of increasing sales of toys. A large number of advertisements are stars and directed towards children, for whom they become a real challenge to internalize and store all that information and also calls into adult difficulty in choosing toys. Advertising agencies are quite familiar with the psychology of the child and its best reading of the image.

It is therefore not surprising that included in a single spot of 20 seconds, until 2 or 3 toys, with little assurance that retained the various messages. However, this great knowledge we have of children, is rarely used for their benefit. Not all “spots” of the latest Christmas campaigns indicate the recommended age of the toy factor to choose the highest order and nearly 75 percent, appeals to the feelings, emotions and satisfaction that the child achieved with the toy. Besides appealing to the feelings and give a sparse information, if given, toy advertising often abuse the use of fantasy. Almost a quarter of TV ads blend live action and animation. Under these conditions it is very difficult for small to make prevail the logic to choose a toy.

A few “spots” inform the final price of the toy. Although it required only a very low percentage of “spots” indicating whether the toy needs batteries. In recent seasons but the argument had barely warmonger presence, the allocation of roles according to gender was, however, too frequent. So the girls continued to be the protagonists and recipients of notices of dolls, kitchenettes and the like, and children in cars and buildings. It is estimated that most of the “spots” of toys could be considered misleading because it mutes the product key information and confuse their young recipients, and not so small, and the toy does not occur as acquired in the establishment, or many times its actual size. These “spots” can be applied, what the poet said: “Half of what you say / when you talk is not true. / The other half is a lie. / What callas, total. ” Francisco Arias Solis where children do not shoot. Stop. In the glory do not need more angels. Of Internet Portal for Peace and Freedom and Free Forum. URL:.

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