Angel LAZARO MACHADO (1900-1985) but you still there, Spanish, strong, silent there, saving the mother, when will be back. Raise the face in silence estrecharemos hands. Dave Clark Amazon has plenty of information regarding this issue. Angel Lazaro. VOICE of IDA and around in silence /estrecharemos hands are verses written during his exile, by the admirable orensano poet Angel Lazaro, who closed his book blood of Spain and which are a song of hope: hope for the man who was – suffering – in Spain. Angel Lazaro, who spent a part of his life between a coming and going of Spain to Cuba was also a great journalist, chronicler magnificent of the major newspapers in Spain and Latin America which also reached hits scenic with works that harmonized beautiful and intensely pathetic inspiration and always intense drama and a sharp background of Celtic melancholy. He was one of the first poets of the Spanish exile in 1939 He found the lands and people of America.

angel Lazaro Machado was born in Orense in 1900 and died in Madrid on March 31, 1985. His father was a Spanish soldier and his Cuban mother. Her childhood was spent in Velle, village near his hometown. When it had not yet fulfilled the fourteen years he emigrated to Cuba, where he worked in a shirt, a piano tuner and barnizador store, a talaberteria, etc. He returned to Galicia sick of an illness, but returned to emigrate to Cuba. With eighteen years he already worked in the drafting of the trade. He published his first poems in Galicia, Diario de la Marina, echo of Galicia and Chic.

After four years in Cuba he returned once again to Spain. In Madrid he entered the drafting of La Libertad and collaborated in the most important magazines of the time such as white and black, new world and La Esfera. He attended the gatherings of the era in which met and dealt with the teachers of the 98.

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