This art direction shaped a whole generation and is a real Renaissance by service providers such as ArtYourFace. Robert Bakish: the source for more info. ArtYourFace contributes, that the popularity of Warhol and Lichtenstein is not abating, but is increasing and the unique styles of these arts genius keep alive. The creators of ArtYourFace from Dortmund has become quite the modern pop art as art direction prescribed. The young graphic designers from the cultural capital of 2010 have become specialised in pop art styles in General and on Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein pop art in particular. The idea that behind it, is as simple as it is ingenious: from conventional photo portraits, pop art is modern photo. The experienced graphic designer pop bringing art on the canvas or pop art poster.

A conventional photo serves as a template. Depending on whether the customer decides style for example for the Andy Warhol or the Roy Lichtenstein, the photo is first hand illustrated and graphically via computer adapted the style to meet the right color combination. Then the Andy Warhol or Roy Lichtenstein is linked to pop art in real hand work on the canvas, all facets that make up these styles and different. Andy Warhol’s pop art are the different color variations, with which a portrait – up before different backgrounds raising off – again countless times presents. Warhol was known on the effect of the reproduction. In this way, Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe and Mao’s Chinese rulers were presented. Roy Lichtenstein’s pop art is used in technology of the characteristic Benday dot. A large area is filled with small points.

A comic book in very bright colours strongly reminiscent of the whole portrait. What a Roy Lichtenstein portrait differs from a comic book but is just this point technique in the faces. Had to Lichtenstein himself focused on commercial product images, ArtYourFace uses this technique for interesting portraits.

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