The combination of back-office of such on-line capabilities enable fast and without too much labor to work with operators and customers. Much attention is paid employees of travel agencies client registration procedure – Preparation agreement and payment, discharge vouchers, booking sheets and other necessary documents for tourists. Logically, that depending on the specifics of the travel agencies to issue documents may be very different customers from each other. Therefore, the SAMO-TourAgent we have provided for many common (universal) patterns of different types of documents that can be edited individually for each company by itself. The templates are Documents such as agreement with the client, the contract with legal entity, the application for reservation, booking sheet, accounts payable, the form of notice, invoice, an act of the services rendered, voucher turputevka, memo by country, etc. Also, any the company is very important to clearly reflect the financial transactions with tourists and partners, and keep track of all monetary transactions. To this end, back-office system implemented universal data exchange with the accounting system 1C Accounting 8, and bank-client system. All payments from customers, partners and employees comfortable lead in the same back-office system, which reflects all the current applications and transactions.

Clearly be seen how much and when the customer has paid, when payment is made the tour operator, and with the built-in reporting system can monitor all financial activities for any period. The system includes such records as applications for customers, orders tourists, on the application vendors, cash book, balance sheet, agent, record debt, communicating with clients, job managers, advertising effectiveness, tasks and other couriers. Built-in reports is useful additional tool for the accountant and manager, with which you can track the movement of all funds on hand and current accounts of the company, record profits and losses, to analyze profitability, and in the future to make the right managerial and strategic decisions. System on-line and interoffice automation rapidly deployed and used in daily work travel companies. Among the large variety of tour packages to date, the agent more time is needed for the selection round and high-quality customer service. Problems quickly and automatically fill in issuance of original documents to the tourist, rapid recruitment tour of tour operators in a single system, accounting fees and collect statistical data and many others have already been solved fully in the intra-systems.

Use intra-and online systems today – is the key to successful and effective operation of tourism enterprises, improvement of efficiency in the daily routine work of staff, flexibility in the development of new tourist destinations impeccable customer service and convenience to work with partners. SAMO-Soft Company thanks all survey participants for candid answers to general questions and made suggestions for our back-office system SELF-travel agent. We hope that the newcomers of the tourist market will draw the right conclusions based on survey data and comments, will be able to quickly navigate to a special world of specialized software for tourism companies, and by correctly selected software solutions come into the ranks of professional players to be a serious competitor in the market. For companies that are trying to keep up with the times, streamline and improve their resources through a variety of intra-and on-line systems we have, as a developer, a desire – to tell us more about the need of some new features and capabilities that are not yet implemented in software systems. Only through close cooperation and open dialogue can together develop and improve.

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