So that the use of these resources happens successfully, if it makes necessary the existence of a previous planning, enabled professors to guide the pupils, and that it shows to which the objectives to them established for the accomplishment of the activities, searching to explore to the maximum the potential of learning of these pupils. The difficulties that some educators are facing to make use of the resources of technology and the new forms of to construct to the learning the pupil together with, they are consequences of the way as that these resources had arrived at the schools, fast and without it had qualification in order to instruct them and to show them the advantage to have these resources as its ally in the educational process. However, this is not reason so that excessively involved professors and are of are of these changes, in the truth, are we who we must construct to the ways for this innovative form of education, formatting together, professors and pupils the possibilities of construction of the knowledge that more will be adjusted to the conditions where they are contextualizados. .

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