In the food industry is very important to have high quality products and always perfect for the consumer. To be able to count with fresh, safe food it is necessary to count with an excellent packaging that keep our product as we want and need. Currently there are many packaging companies in Monterrey that provide this service. There are different machines for packaging and different series, which are adjusted to the needs of each product, but widely packaging involves heating the food in order to kill microorganisms and seal them in airtight containers. This method was invented by Nicolas Appert and in the days that this French packed needed to cook the product in open pans and place in glass vials that were sealed with corks subject to a wire.

Luckily, technology has made possible that the method of packaging is completely hygienic and safe. Containers have become somewhat normal now we could not imagine a product without its packaging, for example imagine how you would buy vegetables but they are inside a container. We cannot imagine it because many products could simply not be marketed without a package containing them. The packaging has made possible that products are marketed and transported any distance. Container is an essential part of the product, so the packaging industry cares about making a very good job, always worried about hygiene safety and freshness of your products.

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