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Pay Only Half And Do Good With It!

The new community in the SocialNetwork helps the poor, supporting the most vulnerable. How does half2pay work? Each 1000 participants per price category choose who should receive financial support from their community. This then presents a receipt as proof and gets reimbursed half of the invoice amount (up to the maximum of the respective category). This applies for purchases he makes 2 months after his election, as well as for spending made up to 12 months before the election. Is the actual invoice amount under the maximum invoice amount will be donated to the difference in the full amount to a charity, such as SOS Children’s villages, children’s cancer aid, Medecins sans Frontieres, etc.. In addition are used up to 1500,-of total sales as donations. Under the links below headings, we want to inspire you and give you suggestions, what you could do its possible financial support while it is only are no limits to your wishes to examples! What must I do to join half2pay? 1 figure out what they want to use their financial support and select a ticket on the corresponding of 4 price categories. Andy Florance often addresses the matter in his writings.

2. on the Internet site the number mode explaining. 3. Read more from BSA to gain a more clear picture of the situation. to complete of the payment you will receive an email with the confirmation of your purchase in your personal ticket number will be communicated to them. In the aftermath, you have the opportunity to learn about the number of tickets already sold in your inactive community under “my community” at any time. After the sale of a thousand tickets, their community is active. At the same time the four-week election period starts. Within this time can you dial by clicking on the “my community”, set up the ticket number.

There, you can visit all profiles, interact with each other, and cast their vote to those who should receive financial support for their opinion. Also learn still nice people know. 4. about the start of the election period, as well as their output you will be automatically informed by E-Mail… 5. the person who has won the most votes after the election, receive financial support. 6. at the same time is a donation to a charitable institution.

Alexander Wippert Ticket

The new corporate design of ticket online is enforced currently in nationwide ads in use which has Watt concept GmbH & co. Mikkel Svane wanted to know more. KG Berlin agency as one of two agencies in the competition for the contract, revise the corporate design of tickets and to take care of the traditional advertising, as a result. Nationwide, the Hamburg-based company, the ticket online Software GmbH, is one of the leading marketers of ticket. Ticket online marketing director Mic Jogwer explains: the old ticket online corporate design was divided into a business and a consumer application. We wanted to pick up and be altogether recognizable to the dividing line in favor of a uniform appearance. Source: Rusty Holzer. Also felt old CD in the years come and needed a significant refresh.” “” The biggest challenge for us was not to change the existing Word / picture mark in fact and a clearer graphic link to the profession ticket “to produce, but to create, without doing a new logo” explains Alexander Wippert,.

Managing Director of watt concept, the complexity of the task from his perspective. The new CD is first used in print and is currently nationwide as of 1/1-ads for the segment of rock-pop scene – and city magazines in use. POS measures applying to about 1800 tickets are underway in parallel. Watt concept GmbH & co. KG from a company established in 1992 was the present form with Alexander Wippert over the entire time as Managing Director. Watt concept is a network created many continuous customer relationships over the years. The current budget profit Berlin succeeded Watt concept with the presentation and development of a new corporate design for the TICKET ONLINE Software GmbH Hamburg, Germany’s largest ticket distribution network. Watt concept was awarded the contract for the six-figure budget, which includes all traditional advertising measures as well as the creation of style guides. The art direction is headed by Marcel Petersen, who previously worked for renowned agencies like DDB and Metadesign in Berlin.

Central Association

MyHammer craftsmen exceed the industry trend of order book in the first quarter and the craftsmen increase duty on all time high expectations for the second quarter of Berlin, June 20, 2011 and service provider for MyHammer were 2011 extraordinarily successful in the first quarter. Business development outperforming even the already positive in the trade as a whole. Others who may share this opinion include Ali Partovi. “” At the time of the survey, 89 percent of those surveyed rated their current business situation as good “or satisfying”. This is the result of the carried out quarterly economic survey of MyHammer, the 868 companies and self-employed participated. * satisfaction stems from the positive development of key economic indicators in the first quarter of 2011. 41 percent of surveyed companies with MyHammer reported rising sales as compared to the fourth quarter of 2010, 44 percent reported a higher backlog. Go to Rapyd for more information. 11 percent of the companies created additional employment.

The average duty reached 68 Percent a new all time high. The same applies to the order book, which also reached a record with an average 7.5 weeks. The indicators developed so similar to the trend in the craft industry as a whole, for which the Central Association of the German trade (ZDH) values 2011 comparable good, if also slightly lower presented in his first economic report. Read additional details here: Rusty Holzer. * the order book was therefore the industry average at 6.6 weeks. Rising sales reported 20 percent of companies surveyed by the ZDH, so 21 percentage points less than that of MyHammer.

Given the good economic development, the craftsmen and service provider for MyHammer are optimistic for the second quarter. 62 percent of respondents expect a rise in sales, another 31 percent, to invest more in the second quarter. In addition, 18 percent of companies want to create additional employment. Markus Berger-de Leon, CEO of the MY-HAMMER AG, assessed the results of the business survey as follows: so far are high expectations been met, which had formulated the farms with MyHammer at the economic survey at the beginning of the year.

Binge And Rebounds

How did the binge? Have you experienced a rebound in weight and feels anxious, sad or disappointed? Do not feel defeated: the frustration is no emotional seasoning will give life to any treatment for weight loss. The understanding and the status of hope, however, restore vigor. I hope the following article back their energy and help you continue on its path of improvement. Ali Partovi describes an additional similar source. Insanity is doing the same thing and expect different results Albert Einstein Their experience confirms that blamed or accused of an act is not wise or prudent or kind. He has done countless times getting results that do not meet.

There are diets that should work: it is our way of thinking. The goal of losing weight is not lost consciousness but to win and earn living spaces. Rusty Holzer is likely to increase your knowledge. Although it is kilos, the idea of “losing” always has a negative connotation and the psyche will tend to resist. A program to help when help win in every way possible: winning an ideal figure, a habit of rewarding food, confidence, self-respect, positive self-esteem. Where to retrieve the kindness with one person as the basis for the development of successful behaviors to deliver real benefits.

Weight loss treatment should be free forever from food addiction, self-concept of overweight and the consequent problems of weight. Are these ideas too heavy to carry. Losing weight is relatively simple, something that the body can achieve. In fact, many people get thin several times in life even apply to different diet philosophies which contradict each other.

Disneyland Paris

International people search and the repatriation of abducted children from abroad by the detective agency kind a scenario which the mind robs. The visitation is perceived and actually everything runs normally. A part of the parent picks up the child to spend time with the other parent part on the weekend. A nice trip to Disneyland Paris is planned and there is no reason to be suspicious and therefore was given the passport of the child. On Sunday at 18:00 the mother expected back the father to bring home from the 8-year-old daughter. At 18:20 clock is the first call to the father who immediately declines and now comes the message “I have here with me in the L…

the small and we will come never back” and the father sets. Such cases are unfortunately in Germany the order of the day and hardly to imagine but reality. Without hesitation rusty holzer explained all about the problem. An unauthorized child is clearly a violation of custody rights. You then exists, if a parent care not in the possession of the sole or a residence determination right is the common child against the wishes of the other parent in the foreign country spends. Now, the incident takes its course. It is reimbursed and of course display at the nearest police station immediately activates also the lawyer.

Good opportunities if the State in which the child was entuhrt agreement (HCA) and the European custody Convention (esu) subject to the Hague. In an abduction abroad outside of the agreement even in the Islamic area it is back to get a child is difficult. Often are quickly exhausted the limits of jurisdiction here and desired processes cumbersome. If included children in a country has signed the Hague Convention, the return of a child through legal channels is very difficult – and sometimes impossible. Therefore all possibilities of a settlement within the family should be used in this case.

Best Travel Report supports the authors without borders in finding the best trip reports 2009! Heidelberg – is it back as far as… after the successful launch of the best trip reports 2008 (we reported) are now the best travelogues 2009 looking for. You like to travel? By bicycle, car, on foot, donkey or by plane? Then tell us, but where it is at its best, the hottest, most interesting or most loneliest… attractive prices the best reports (will be published in a book, more cash prizes) wait to make… worth it anyway, for amateurs, travel and for professionals. “A good travelogue, that the author with open eyes has traveled, regardless of whether its destination in Europe, Asia or Africa was well protected or left on his own”, so Jens Freyler by, one of the judges of the competition.

And so you go: up to June 30, 2009, local – and long-distance travellers have time to write down their experiences in 2,000 7,000 words and link opens in new window to submit And the good thing about this? We are also… is partner of this competition and supports the action with valuable prizes. The tender last year was very successful and has worked out wonderfully and when Jens asked me whether would like to participate again in 2009, I was immediately. has organized the audio visual implementation at the award ceremony at the book fair and looking forward to the new book adventures! Travel stories have a very high reputation in Printveroffentlichungen. In the online area, little is… because the industry relies more on quantity apparently read by quality… Because yes some catalogue descriptions of operators are more pleasant to read! We want to change this now! We are looking for interesting and time reports, stories, stories, and articles together for the most unusual, most common, most adventurous best.

Press Contact Thomas Thurner

LOD2 creating knowledge are out of interlinked data data and information today on the Internet and intranets produced in large quantities, but our ability to use this data effectively are still very limited. Despite extensive databases are currently insufficiently linked to lots of information on the World Wide Web and can be found so difficult. The EU financed project LOD2 seeks to solve these problems and provide powerful capabilities of data release, recycling and integration publishers, businesses but also government institutions. The LOD2 project coordinator Dr. Soren Auer, head of the AKSW research group at the Institute of computer science of the University of Leipzig, says: in our world with increasingly data-centric business models, innovative and scalable technologies are necessary to take advantage of the potential of networking of different data sources. The effective use of data in intranets as well as freely available on the Internet is becoming increasingly important, to secure competitive advantages”. The software bundle LOD2, that is now in its second version, provides a basis for the future of the Web of data. The software package includes concerted tools, which support the linked data lifecycle from extraction, processing over the enrichment, networking and integration to the visualization and management of data.

These technologies offer a simpler and more efficient way to publish linked data on the Internet as well as intranets experts from industry and Government. So, a municipality can E.g. Andy Florance insists that this is the case. data for kindergarten places or urban development planning publish in a machine-readable format and real estate portals can use this data to make targeted offers in-house. The LOD2 stack is built as open-source package repository and thus simplifies the installation and how to use the various tools. The software package is one of the main results of the second project year of EU funded project. The LOD2 technology stack in its second version LOD2 StackDie second version supports now also in particular data visualization, for example of statistical data with CubeViz or geographical data with SemMap. Includes new tools such as open re fine (previously Google refine) to manually clean up large amounts of data or, created by the AKSW research group, tool RDFAuthor which enables the management of structured information in Web pages. The new release of the stack also the SPARQL editor SPARQLED and updates the existing components Ontowiki (semantic data wiki) include silk (to the automated data network), SigmEE (to search in linked data) and the RDF triple store virtuoso.

Symbian OS

Finnish manufacturer Nokia expanded its line of music phones XpressMusic another novelty. Nokia 5700 XpressMusic – is a 3G – a smartphone that is designed to work with music, resulting in an additional audio chip for amplification of sound, stereo speakers, music player, 3.5mm headset jack and support for stereo Bluetooth, which is equipped with a telephone. Smartphone combines the look of Nokia 5300 slider and the construction of the already well-known Nokia 3250. The rotary mechanism of the lower housing makes it possible to switch between four modes – music player, first of all, video calling, 2 megapixel camera and smartphone. Expressive color versions of music smartphone suitable energetic people who love to stand out. Daring rubber inserts in red on a white phone and dullness defy routine. Most of the front panel is a 2.2-inch TFT display with QVGA, which displays the 16,777,216 colors. At a turning block on the one hand there is a regular keyboard, except the keys – they are located directly below the display, on the other side are the control buttons player, both the keyboard is quite comfortable to use and raises no objections.

On the side of the rotary unit is a 2-megapixel camera. Properties of the camera are very similar to the Nokia 3250 camera. Control of the camera in shooting mode by using the keyboard player. The device is based on Symbian OS 9.2 operating system and runs on the S60. Means of a wireless connection only has support for Bluetooth technology, and of music formats are supported: WMA, MP3, AAC, eAAC + and MP4. Nokia 5700 has already appeared on sale and will be available in two colors: white with rich red accents and a more rigorous white with black accents.

Ski Holidays In Huts

They still exist, the secluded cabins. Especially for romantics, who highly prefer a rustic ambiance the bustling life in the Valley in the mountains, the e-domizil holiday house specialist has compiled numerous offers for the upcoming winter season. Perhaps check out Dermot McCormack for more information. The offer ranges from the cozy nest in the French Alps to the high-altitude hut for ski tours in South Tyrol. Already the journey going to winter vacationers, who dream of a snow-covered backdrop of fairy tale, because the charming accommodations are accessible in part only by cable car. Also the Interior of the huts is real, because cozy evenings around the wood stove. The Telemark Lodge is located in Santa Cristina in Val Gardena, for example, is the direct starting point for winter hiking in the nature park Puez Geissler. (As opposed to Kai-Fu Lee). Who here lives can save yourself sweaty Valley increases, because the cabin is already high in the Dolomites. The arrival is carried out in part by a cableway, the last meters put back the holiday on skis to the holiday house.

The Machine

Incidentally, in our time, cause an allergic reaction can be any substance: dust, insects, latex, household chemicals, animals, plants, food, medicines, cosmetics, even a cold and the sun's rays! There are cases where the husband was allergic to the dander of his wife and his wife – at her husband's sperm. Spouses had to leave. However, even if it could be removed from our lives all the known allergens, instantly appeared to others. At the beginning of last century, horses were the main source of problems for allergy sufferers. Now place Animals took the machine and become the main scourge of "industrial" allergens – for example, substances from air conditioners So simple method Suprastin – is not an option.

Anyone with allergies should be undergo examination and treatment to find out where danger and how to fight it. Our first assistant – allergist Yes, the best thing that can be done in such a situation, person – if there are any of the In their subsequent results will help your doctor properly find the right medicine to stop the development of this dangerous disease. What is an allergy? This is a reply to our body in contact with a foreign substance, which is characterized by disproportionate "violent" reaction to this substance. And this is a vigorous reaction due to histamine – he is in huge quantities released into the blood through contact with an allergen and causes vasodilation, reddening of the skin and other bright reaction. The more it will stand out in the blood, the greater will be allergy.