If a server fails, then the GSX waits monitor not only minutes, but he then immediately sends a message. Interesting is also configurable monitoring the mail Router databases. You can monitor but also targeted databases, E.g. an x any Notes database. We do this, for example, for a database for outgoing faxes. If there are more than 20 messages have accumulated, then there is an SMS alert, indicating that the faxes are not sent out. The GSX monitor tried before but using a batch file to start the services again. First, if this is unsuccessful, there is an alarm. Contact information is here: Apple.

This is very useful.” Expectations met the monitoring of the Domino server with GSX monitor works platform. It does not matter whether the run about sentinel systems under Sun Solaris, Linux, Windows 2000, or 2003, or even Windows NT4,”explains Warwel. The GSX monitor is easy to implement and easy to use. That was the main reason for choosing this solution. We are fully satisfied with the performance, the expectations were completely fulfilled.” It is planned to extend the surveillance at Atos Origin also to other systems and to replace previously used tools. Finally Exchange, Web, can monitor LDAP & SMTP server with GSX-monitor. Sales for the sales of GSX monitor and many other tools is responsible in the speaking of premier business partner Bucker GmbH in Dusseldorf.

The Bucker GmbH is a reliable partner for IBM software, consulting, system migration/integration as well as standard applications and individual development for many years. The focus is in the optimization of medium-sized to large Lotus Notes groupware environments. As IBM premier partner the Bucker GmbH many years experience in the IBM license consulting with. The team is certified in all five software brands of Big Blue. The high quality of advice in recent years by the IBM was mehrrfach with prizes such as the bestseller award, as well as the Awarded finalist Beacon Award international. Core solutions are: ZipMail Suite data compression GSX monitor server monitoring TimeFleX group calendar email client policy management ZipMap image optimization DME email push technology on Smartphone portfolio includes over 50 top solutions, who daily demonstrate their capability for customers: signature management, group calendar, vacation planning, project management, CRM, CMS, time tracking, Notes2SAP, Notes2BlackBerry, Notes2PDF, archiving, and many more. In addition, the Bucker GmbH offers services for migrations, interface and individual development, training, system consulting, hosting and support.