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Hire A Virtual Assistant

If we assume that these tasks also have to be carried out and hire a virtual assistant. I pay him 10 euros an hour (there are more expensive and cheaper, then comment more), are saving 70 euros a day of your time you can devote to other more productive tasks. For entrepreneurs and in general any professional, is a really interesting option that only requires a change of mind (most difficult). Why do I pay for someone to spend three hours looking for information on the internet when I can do? For in those three hours you can dedicate yourself to look for more customers or to improve processes and dealing with those who already have, that after all is what makes running your business. Since we are talking about professionals who have no business in your company or someone to perform this function, a virtual assistant solves many problems. The trick is knowing who to hire and where. There are companies in India (Brickwork, for example) for less than 7 euros an hour are able to do everything: write reports, seeking information, lists, organize events, book tickets, write articles, answer general emails, etc, etc. Brickwork is the kind of company that works well if you work in English, since the cost is infinitely inferior to the benefits and are a great company exclusively dedicated to this (there are many more).

For those of us in the Latin American market, the ideal is to look at companies in countries where in addition to quality, turn out well the hourly rate. In this case, for those who work in Spain, hire a virtual assistant in Argentina and Venezuela is more than profitable. There is more to do a little searching on Google to find 3-4 companies with experience in the field. It is the philosophy of the new rich, dedicate one to do that important and that you like, and delegate everything else. I have already a list of things you could delegate the management of blogs, RESPECT, etc, and I will tell you more about it when researching a little more about the options.

Renewable Energy Economy And Human Development

Worldwide, 1,600 million people lack access to electricity. Essential for human development, the energy is not used in the world with political awareness, economic, social and environmental. It is everyone's problem, not only in the South, but also the North. There is plenty for everyone. The problem of mixed use and enjoyment is not only technological or economic, but also political. It is believed that the technology solves the problems of development, and entrusts us with this task without question what it means to develop and be developed. We need to rethink the welfare of this consumer society, understand that the welfare of society is not associated with the production and wasteful consumption of energy, but to the rational production and consumption, sufficient and equal to those who populate the earth. Thus we talk in terms of human development, understood as the expansion of capabilities that people can decide their future freely.

This concept is closely linked with access to energy by the relationship between energy consumption and improving indicators of poverty, health, education, etc.. How can progress in this regard? In the interest of sustainability, we must assume that access to energy and its consumption should be respectful of nature and the people who inhabit every environment. But the market can not be dictating the rules of "energy game", they must be agreed with the communities living in areas determined by supply and productive dialogue between local and global wisdom. Second, we must take action. This methodology should be reflected not only in speeches but also Development Cooperation in public policies of States to regulate transnational corporations that exploit the resources and financial institutions that support economic growth processes.