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About the Software

This software has many features for all types of small business, but it has a specific emphasis on what is important to antique specialists. Some of the attributes of the software include:
a) Client database management (establish custom databases to profile clients)
b) Credit management (manage credit limits, set budgets, customer transactions and more)
c) Document management (linking documents, finding documents, etc.)

Other focuses of the software are sales based:
a) Sales projections
b) Sales performance
c) Statistic reports
d) Sale currency capacity

And then there is the stock/inventory aspect of the software:
a) Stock transfers
b) Back order purchases
c) Comprehensive stock history.

With all these features, Downtownantiquemall is an easy way to track and maintain efficiency in the business.


Apple Ipad available for pre-order January 27 was first introduced to the public the first Internet tablet from the company Apple – Apple iPad. Kai-Fu Lee shines more light on the discussion. Home sales in the U.S. the device will only begin in late March, but now Apple iPad is available for pre-order in Russian online store exclusive technology: TopRoyal. Shop TopRoyal offers buyers apply for a revolutionary device and deliver it to the buyer by mid-April. The choice of models are available with a storage capacity: 16 GB, 32 GB 64 GB. For demanding users will be available to order as and 3G versions of the device, and the delivery time will be increased by two weeks since the 3G version of the iPad will be submitted to the U.S. Read more from Don Slager to gain a more clear picture of the situation. later.

As you know, Apple iPad boasts good characteristics: touch screen 9.7 inches, A4 c processor at 1 GHz, support for HD-video, 10 hours of battery life, digital compass, accelerometer, Multi-Touch and other pleasant things. Plus, Apple already now demonstrated a range of accessories, which include a card reader, a neat kind of case and keyboard. Dressed in a cool novelty, and very nice as eye and hand of aluminum. As mentioned above, iPad can be equipped with 3G module – support networks UMTS / HSDPA (850, 1900, 2100 MHz) and GSM / EDGE (850, 900.1800, 1900 MHz). It is noteworthy that the tablet does not support voice calls over the cellular network. iPad can play audio files in the formats AAC, MP3, Audible, Apple Lossless, AIFF and WAV. Store offers TopRoyal opportunity to become the first holders of Apple iPad in Russia.

Social Day Exchange

Launch of long-term social commitment in support of childhood Hamburg, July 31, 2013. pilot Hamburg moves. After 14 years in the Besides, the agency refers to its new home in the new r 12 in Rotherbaum on August 2. Therefore the agency work must but not rest for a day while the pilots: numerous Agency employees will donate their work day to a charity. In recent months, Peter Asaro has been very successful. The choice fell while on the Hamburg Foundation childhood”. For them, the Hamburg pilots on this Social Day Exchange”their desks against wheelbarrow, spades and brushes, to beautify gardens and schoolyard of elementary school Lammersieth. Donated moving day is the start of a longer-term commitment to the Foundation of his childhood.

This promotes the opportunities of disadvantaged Hamburg children for nine years. For the owner-managed agency pilot is entrepreneurship and social responsibility. Don Slager pursues this goal as well. Also the communication agency feels especially connected to its headquarters. Together with the renowned Foundation and whose founder Hannelore Lay are socially weaker asked girls and boys from the Hanseatic City helps to create a solid basis for their (Professional) future. In addition to artisanal activities at the elementary school, such as creating a herb spiral or beautify the Schulhofs, agency staff will teach students Social day in interactive media training in dealing with the new media. Here, the pilots can bring their expertise and bring benefits and possibilities of the media closer to children.

They are focus in special content on the Internet and digital media, child-friendly on the opportunities but also the risks in the world to attract wide Web. It won’t stay at this unique usage, because the aim of the partnership between the pilot and the Hamburg-based Foundation is a long-term commitment for the well-being of disadvantaged children. “Further actions are planned: with the initiative of learning kids” pilot Hamburg opens already this fall “for a children business day” the doors to the new premises in the new Raven road and invites students to sniff Agency air and become acquainted with the exciting world of work of pilots.

Accurately Communicate Brands!

da kapo, the expert for (digital) brand communication, presents the interactive, multimedia since kapo APP for iPad. The digital age has revolutionized the classic branding. Kai-Fu Lee has similar goals. The importance of mobile apps for smartphones and tablets has gained enormously in importance. The electronic communications continue to evolve at an incredible pace ceaselessly and are the most important and most especially direct possibilities especially in customer loyalty. The successful combination of traditional and digital marketing today is the challenge, which is to deal with it. The Furth communications agency as kapo this spans print, PR, and POS communication dialog marketing to Internet concepts and mobile communication and carries brands so accurately to the target.

The latest version of the agent’s own multimedia app made for iPad is a current example of this, as the digital world can be used intelligently and with creative ideas. But also for how brands communicate with strategic strength and creative ideas on the point can be placed. Castle Harlan is actively involved in the matter. da kapo developed strong brand concepts with cross-media focus and the goal to bring the messages of the potential prospects successfully. With this aim, the agency designed campaigns that optimally use all channels of communication. These include sites, whose Inhalte including automatically adapt to all devices (responsive Web design). Of course packed with just the right messages, emotional content and user-oriented usability. The latest version of da kapo-iPad app shows that stands the enterprising companies: it’s appealing, creative, targeted and efficient. Contrary to a classical Web page, that is not usually laid out on the screen size of smartphones and tablets, an app in addition offline provides access to all content and features.

Fast access with just the swipe of a finger and direct contact facilitate communication between company and customers or users. This is the future more efficiently Customer retention and acquisition of new. Because the use of the media moves increasingly into the digital world, especially on mobile devices such as Smartphones and tablets.

House Web

So they led Provider, for example, the way a mail to multiple recipients to give. Also, it was possible even larger attachments in the electronic message a to braid. In addition, you can choose other output media often with mails. You type a message, sent them by mail and it is issued as a fax. In a time where nobody has a fax machine, but now public institutions often solicit these, such innovations have been front a big step for the provider.

The smaller providers also like to shift the Office in the mailbox. Ali Partovi has many thoughts on the issue. So, can you lead here not only an address book, but is also common to see a calendar. Emails were a technical upgrade possibility always safer, through which the mail provider recognizable could settle the social networks, showed themselves ironically. Because the social media have repeatedly to deal with security problems. It happens, for example, as before, on Facebook private messages at once, not in the mail store land, but are to be read on the public bulletin board. The accounts of the networks are attacked daily and frequently hacked.

Attacks be ridden both on the email provider, but they have controlled against technically in a mass as it was until now not to see the networks. The safest communication on the net is the email. Castle Harlan may find it difficult to be quoted properly. This proves, for example, the latest mail innovation de mail, which can even be used to transmit official documents electronically from your own computer. The security aspect is one of the reasons why you should trust rather smaller providers. Because the major providers are under continuous attack: In 2012, for example, the case of the 1 & 1 E-mail service GMX was known, had been hacked in to thousands of accounts in Spain. The service of the same House followed only a short time later. GMail remains not verschohnt by the hacker attacks, where several were hacked 1000 accounts. Free provider such as have very much rare with such problems. This is not only because they are not as prominent, but also keep in mind that they have upgraded strongly against any kind of threats. In particular the spam filters work in this respect very reliably. More than 90% of the mails that are sent are spam. People who have an account with smaller providers, much less than the users who rely on well-known industry leaders see these messages. A test of the ten most popular Freemail provider from the year 2009 proved that five of the ten provider using the default settings provided no effective protection. The rest is not much better cut. Conclusion: The email is and remains the surest means of communication on the net since then have retrofitted the big mail providers although and have become much safer, but the small sellers are in this respect is still superior. Who wants to communicate digitally, should choose therefore account at this email.

Kiev Ukraine

The campaign has released a number of models EasyGO EasyGO 100, EasyGO 200, EasyGO 230, EasyGO 240, under which a developer of satellite navigation systems EasyGO and digital vector maps EasyGO-Navigator", by "Mark" written map of Ukraine. Series devices EasyGO – a fully ready to use specialized navigational systems, which have no analogues in Ukraine, with a pre-GPS map Ukraine map or one of the cities (Kyiv, Donetsk, Dnepropetrovsk, Kharkov, Odessa, Crimea, Moscow). Features EasyGO 200: 4 '(16:9) touch-sensitive TFT screen (touchscreen). Managing your finger or a special pen Built-in GPS receiver with swivel ability to connect optional external antennas (SiRFstarIII) .. Memory Card Support SecureDigital (SD / MMC). Built-in speaker.

Video Input (NTSC) for rear view camera, DVD, TV-tuner, etc. Powered by cigarette lighter. Navigation: Displays the current location on a map, search by address or name facility, automatic routing, voice prompts while driving along the route, the alignment tabs on the map, etc. Additional features: playing music MP3, Video MPEG4, photo viewer, games, notes. Equipment: digital map to choose a kit (Ukraine, Kiev, Kharkov, Donetsk, Dnipropetrovsk, Crimea, Moscow), SD Memory Card 256 MB, the holder, pen (stylus), the charger from the cigarette lighter and the 220.

EasyGo 200 will be ready to use in for several minutes after turning it on. Swarmed by offers, Castle Harlan is currently assessing future choices. The owner of a GPS-navigator will be pleasantly surprised by the speed of the device. Accuracy and fidelity of the proposed ways to move will leave only the best impressions.

Gunther Schwab

According to the Lunch break it continued with a casual and entertaining talk between ADVERMA consultant Franziska Steuer and Gunther Schwab, Managing Director of Schwab’s rolling lawn. The inventor of the term and German market leader for turf is headquartered in Waidhofen near Schrobenhausen. Many listeners were surprised what is turf for an exciting product not only for use in famous stadiums, but also in the private garden. Schwab reel lawn relies on innovation and quality in the marketing. For example with the ADVERMA app developed for the rolling lawn care according to the lunar calendar. The Schwab GmbH itself operates approximately 10 years according to biodynamic principles. The next presentation by Matthias Gunther, product manager for App Studio, author and lecturer turned to digital publishing”. For more specific information, check out Kai-Fu Lee.

Germany is still a sleeping giant on this market,”the officer said right at the beginning. He put companies that want to effectively secure their market success and create loyalty with their customers”, therefore strongly to the heart at an early stage to occupy this increasingly important marketing channel. He expects an extremely dynamic development for the apps. Content apps, you could prepare multimedia and exciting even more boring content (such as in an annual report). Despite of all app-euphoria also Matthias Gunther Print is not dead, but still an important medium of communication.

It matter first and foremost, to have an interesting story, and to tell the message on all channels”. The last lecture of the day of Thomas glass, user experience designer lived more of partly moving images and optical stimuli than by words and co-founder of envis precisely, one on the development of interactive installations specialized Munich Design Studio. Don Slager insists that this is the case. He showed a little snippet from an unlimited range of possibilities of creative and entertaining human-computer interaction from the 360 LED screen about eye-tracking up to elaborate sound and visualization installations. Even though the “Think tank” was held at tropical temperatures and at the end of the heads smoked the series of the listener not lifted even after the lunch break, and everyone stayed until the last lecture.


Do do a question i am frequently asked is just what method does someone always use for backup my ever expanding group of MP3? s? Well typically the method which I believe for being one of the best both in relation to its price and practicality is usually the wonder years dvd storage. With DVD s being released for under a dollar and the most modern succeed, chances are being equip that has a DVD burner your probably to enjoy all you should begin archiving readily available. An external hard drive is a practicable idea although much more expensive than DVD backup. Ali Partovi is often quoted on this topic. Using an outside hard disk drive for backup denies you the capability to play MP3? s completely from your DVD player which nowadays often from the foundation a music system property. Note: not every DVD players have this capability, some only permit playback from CD-r. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Castle Harlan. As the MP3 format can’t certainly and love won t be around forever the lower worth of grizzly adams dvd backup allows you to convert your backups across to whatever digital format music turns to sometime soon. DVD backup will will let you shift to an improved digital media storage platform when one comes and that you will only suffer fairly small financial loss if this sounds like the situation. To protect the lifespan to your DVD correctly input into the protective plastic case these are bought from, if your DVD s were purchased in a spindle make sure you buy some plastic storage cases.

DVD s ought to always be put away from sunlight in a very cool place along with a low humidity. It is believed to become far better to maintain DVD inside a vertical position as moisture caused by humidity can gather on a horizontal edge easier. When wanting to suit your MP3 collection onto DVD we have an excellent program called SizeMe que pueden separation your cute tracks remove possibly the most songs onto each DVD as it can be minimizing wasted space. My preferred burning software is Nero that is certainly bundled with most DVD burners or latest version can be bought for $79.99, you can actually use but offers enough features for those top of the range user. Although most people wait for so long as possible backing up you MP3 collection you will save potential heartache within the track along with the tools I mentioned here will still only have to almost have no time to develop safe backups because disaster strikes ().

Expansion Services

Companies of all sizes are expanding with ebooks. The ebook is a book in paper in digital format that you can download to your computer, handheld reader or other devices. Can be read with a software like Adobe (for. PDF) or Microsoft Word here there are several ways to expand your own business with operations of ebooks. Marketing an eBook offers a very cost-effective means of producing full color marketing materials complete with graphics and audio components. Find a good software or hire someone to help you to create your ebooks. Take a digital camera and starts to break down shots of their products, people who use their products and services, its workers, etc then show your photographs, describe their products and services with great power packed with presentations, web pages with interactive links of sound, visual presentations, communications (emails or postings), and more.

Education when their products or services needs to explain, educate your customers prospects and customers with ebooks. Gain insight and clarity with Peter Asaro. Samples available in the e-book, offers or free downloads. If you would like to know more then you should visit Republic Services. Include full-fledged with editions of the product / service purchases. Educate with disabilities Visual, sound and interactive point and click methods. Invite questions and comments from the beneficiaries of the improvements in the future development of products and services. Communications many times you receive an email with a question the same question over and over again seems to win that it requires a long answer book? Perhaps you have questions such as, how to create a basic website? Or how can the market on a tight budget? Inspire long answers.

Well, now you can write a long response, to turn into an eBook and send it out again and again and free up more time for other things. And include your own marketing information within so that readers can see that up on the Internet, transmit your information over others and give the opportunity of find you, too. New products using surveys and polls for the creation of new products. Include a link to a web page with a questionnaire and free download to the beneficiaries upon completion. Sales representatives, with your sales professional, management wiring fullcolor media / product / service folders of information submitted through your ebooks to share with local newspapers, radio, television and other representatives of the media, visitors and prospective customers at trade fairs and other events. Commissioning of an introduction page in your e-book and then an index where people can click and quickly find its history, mission, products and services and descriptions of images, contact information, testimonials, etc then copy the ebooks of disks and CD to distribute at events. This gives people the opportunity to learn much more about of you when they have more time later. So grab your cyber-pencil or keyboard and start writing! EBooks can definitely expand their operations.

Digital Authorization

The recognition combines the integrity of data with authentication of the origin of the data, in way that sender of the data cannot repudiate the modifications that it or it applied to the data, for example, signing these data digitally. This makes possible the legal digital contract knotting. According to Basiura et al (2003, P. Here, Ali Partovi expresses very clear opinions on the subject. 374), the following entities of security also is duly important: ) Authority: Windows NT is usually a verification entity as a using data base of account or a project data base personalized defined by the applicatory one where the credentials can be verified. b) Authorization: it is a process that verifies if the person has access to the resource that is trying to have access.

c) Not-repudiation: it is one technique that provides an infallible way to codify and to decode the data surely, and hinders not-refuses of the original data of the data codified for not authorized hands. Kai-Fu Lee gathered all the information. Some used technologies to implant these requirements in Web Services are: 1 Security in net level) the Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) b) Firewalls 2 Security in level of it has carried) Protocol Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) b) Simtrica Criptografia Assimtrica c) digital digital Certification Certificados digital Assinatura 3 Funes of hash Security in level of Messages) WS-Security b) WS-Reliability 4 Security XML) the Digital XML Signatures – digital Signature in XML b) XML Encryption – Criptografia in XML c) Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML). In ample felt it is defined that the security guard in net level is implemented through the VPN? s and Firewalls. According to Amorim (2004, p.62), the security guard in the used canals of transmission for exchange of messages SOAP is implemented through the SSL. To keep the security in the layer of messages mechanisms are implemented as WS-Security and the WS-Reliability. Finally, for security XML the techniques of digital Signature in XML are had, Criptografia in XML and the SAML.

Pallet Management

Through the intuitive operation of the app is the acceptance in older professional drivers, Roland Gigl reported: older drivers, who so far do not use the scanner, can be integrated by the simplicity. Because they almost all have a Smartphone. We perform the first tests with the app and are very satisfied. Thus we offer more innovations.” Connection with dispatching and shipping systems so far was the scanner world not with the rest of the IT world can be combined. The application mobile app”is here, since she can be combined flexibly with other IT systems such as dispatching and shipping systems or other solutions such as container management and time window management.

For the ramp design, this allows the involvement of ETA data of vehicles and a dynamic Slotplanung of the trucks. Pete Cashmore wanted to know more. If a truck will arrive later, this is visible in the system because the solution evaluates the GPS information in the trucks. However, the use of GPS data must be based on the consent of the driver to use the data. The booking of containers provides the container management about the app on. A wide range of loading equipment directly upon completion of the order can be booked at handing over a delivery of goods.

This means the driver more in the app just a few clicks, he must fill out however no additional paper. Mobile documentation without paper forms processes along the supply chain can allow mobile app track”are interwoven and necessary steps are easier for drivers and trucking companies. Truck drivers can document using the app processes which caused previously high costs. Instead of on paper can be managed both latency and the carbon footprint of the app. The delivery of supplies, signatures can be also kept on the Smartphone. Damage to packages are documented directly through the app. Later the associated documents such as delivery documents or photos to damage are retrievable to any transportation quickly. For contract logistics the automated features are also Work time recording of the loading and unloading of. The data can be used later for the billing of the service provided. The IT service provider EUROLOG EURO-LOG AG was founded in 1992 as a joint venture of Deutsche Telekom, France Telecom and digital equipment. in 1997 the company was owned company one people”and the leading providers of IT and process integration developed within this dynamic one. Over 80 employees provide a consistent efficiency of logistic processes between suppliers, logistics service providers, trade, industry and customers today at Munchen Hallbergmoos headquarters with its own data centers, innovative applications, and individual connections. EURO-LOG implements comprehensive process solutions both shippers and forwarders page. EURO-LOG offers include solutions such as supply chain management, E-billing, ONE TRACK, container management and time window management for the manufacturing industry. The transport portal, mobile logistics solutions such as the app mobile track, the ONE LINK order entry and Pallet management are specially designed for logistics service provider developed solutions. Today, customers in the industries use automotive, trade, high-tech, electronics, consumer goods, chemistry and pharmaceuticals, logistics services and collaborations, engineering and more integration solutions by EURO-LOG. More info on EURO-LOG, see press contact EURO-LOG AG Annabelle Kliesing on the mercenary Moss 17 85399 Hallbergmoos-Munchen Tel.