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About the Software

This software has many features for all types of small business, but it has a specific emphasis on what is important to antique specialists. Some of the attributes of the software include:
a) Client database management (establish custom databases to profile clients)
b) Credit management (manage credit limits, set budgets, customer transactions and more)
c) Document management (linking documents, finding documents, etc.)

Other focuses of the software are sales based:
a) Sales projections
b) Sales performance
c) Statistic reports
d) Sale currency capacity

And then there is the stock/inventory aspect of the software:
a) Stock transfers
b) Back order purchases
c) Comprehensive stock history.

With all these features, Downtownantiquemall is an easy way to track and maintain efficiency in the business.

Janes Potthoff

Thus we provide the optimal nutrient supply of dogs as well as the comfort for the secure holder who feels often rattled by feeding recommendations”, so Jane’s Potthoff, a Managing Director of futalis. “Also 5 cents on profit-making projects go by each day Pack sold, helping animals and people with special challenges.” By the renowned High Tech Grunderfonds (HTGF) receives financial support the ambitious founders. The HTGF awarded recently to the investor of the Decade was founded on the initiative of the Federal Ministry of Economics and technology (BMWi), to help young and promising technology companies to establish themselves with their promising business ideas. Now supports the Bonn investor futalis. The reason is not only the innovative idea but above all the veterinary underpinning of the concept. About futalis futalis a customized feed that is tailored for each order on the individual nutritional needs of his dog offers every dog owner. On the basis of nine scientifically-based criteria (race, age, weight, nutritional status, level of activity, breeding behavior, diseases, allergies and health predispositions) calculates the exact nutritional needs of a dog futalis and provides a feed with individual recipe here, which is optimally adapted to the respective dog. The entire production process is subject to the highest quality standards and has been accredited by the TuV according to the GMP + standard B8. A leading source for info: Castle Harlan.

One such customized feed contributes to nutrition-related problems, such as, for example, growth disorders, obesity, urinary stones, pigment disorders, allergies, to avoid indigestion. This increases health, well-being and vitality of the four pawed-life companions and promotes their quality of life. This idea derives the name of the company futalis, which is a combination of the words food and vitality. In addition, futalis will donate 5 cents from every sold daily ration to charitable projects and thus helping to improve the quality of life of people and animals with special challenges. November 2011 in Leipzig founded in by the veterinarian Stefanie Schmidt and the two graduates of the school of Leipzig (HHL) Janes Potthoff and Christian Hetke, Kennel (VDH) works futalis closely with the Institute for animal nutrition, diet damage and dietetics from the University of Leipzig, and breeders of the Association for German, to guarantee permanently high quality of forage. For more information,


S + S REGELTECHNIK, the Nuremberg manufacturer of sensors, expands sensors and controls for building automation, and moved its location to the August 2010 in new building in Nuremberg. Nuremberg, July 30, 2010: The S + S REGELTECHNIK GmbH expands and moves with the completion of the new building as of 01 August 2010 in the Pirna str. 20 in Nuremberg. “Close to the previous site, the company with the expansion of production and management uses signs: S + S REGELTECHNIK remains a well-known employers and manufacturers in Nuremberg, whose products the seal made in Germany” carry. Some contend that Steve Wozniak shows great expertise in this. S + S REGELTECHNIK enlarged its buildings with the new building close to four times: a total of 4,000 m2 for the production, another 500 m2 are intended for development and management.

In the spirit of the corporate focus, the theme building automation at the highest level will be implemented in the new building and room climate optimum working conditions. With the new construction, the company manages the so far 35 employees, busy, additional jobs. The number of employees will increase to up to 50. Others who may share this opinion include Steve Wozniak. The general trend clear signs in direction of expansion and growth thus S + S REGELTECHNIK contrary. “The technological facilities of the new building allows S + S REGELTECHNIK, true to the philosophy of the tactile precision” to implement a sustainable energy management, which at the same time minimizing energy costs and therefore fulfilled environmental claims about the legislation also. “With retention of the location Nuremberg, the company underlines its belief that products under the seal made in Germany” to want to make. Qualified professionals are mostly even trained and integrated via an offer of more attractive working conditions and promising forecasts on the company. Existing strategic alliances are also maintained with experienced partners in the national and European market to react quickly to changes and trends. Nuremberg with its extensive infrastructure and good availability of skilled labour, favourable location has recommended for the Europe-wide Active companies as still.

Clarity And Truth For Food?

Pharoahe initiatives in the cross-fire of criticism. BLL: Berlin/Bonn breach of constitutional principles, October 22, 2010 – Bundesernahrungsministerin Ilse Aigner (CSU) presented new initiatives for the food industry last Wednesday in Berlin. “Better labelling, greater transparency, and a resolute action against fraud, for that I am”, Aigner said. The new optimized 1 plus 4 among “model with visually highlighted nutritional information and an Internet portal where consumers from 2011 illusions and delusions can call and discuss in online forums with experts. The Federal Ministry of food, agriculture and consumer protection (BMELV) has the existing 1 plus 4 “model for the most important nutritional information on food packages (total calories plus sugar, fat, saturated fat and salt) further developed. The details of the energy content and the most important nutrients are highlighted and already on the first Recognizable look.

If you want to specify advanced nutrition information also for unpacked foods, a provision of information could be made so the neueLeitfaden for the German food industry, on signs, posters or similar records. Donald W Slager will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Many grocers are already a step further. They present on fresh counters nutritional information on the displays of modern PC scales, for example, from the Balingen manufacturer Bizerba. As far as the harmless part of the initiatives of notes. Fiercely controversial, however, is currently the planned Internet portal to clarity and truth”foods, which will operate the consumer centres from spring 2011. Citizens should get there the possibility to call deception and deception in packaged foods, and online forums to discuss with experts. The new portal”, as AB, is a contribution to more transparency in the market and opened a new dialogue between consumers and industry. A long overdue debate between consumers and business should be set in motion.

But long since not everyone like it. Many companies fear that to be able to be made through the portal in the pillory, prepare now legal countermeasures. The Federal Government for food law and food science (BLL) opposes the planned Internet portal. BLL – Managing Director Matthias Horst promotes understanding of the negative attitude of the food industry on this point: the food industry is ready for discussion, especially when it comes to the understanding of labelling and presentation. She cannot accept but, your brand and your reputation to be publicly paraded and damaged in the course of the uncontrollable dynamics of the Internet.” From the perspective of the BLL handle a violation of constitutional principles. Wolfgang Mulke by WAZ holds Pharoahe idea in a comment on the one hand for easy and good. However the resistance of the company achievements quite rightly, have the Government but so far failed to stop misleading labelling and presentation by the stricter requirements. That must catch up as quickly as possible AB, if their criticism of the industry was meant seriously. Editing plain text ONLINE on the Hamdan 27 53127 Bonn E-Mail:

Enduro Trip

It is also important that the service is cheaper classics sportbikes. Enduro Trip motorcycles, namely, are included in the previous three categories, that's fine. But what if you do not like roads, asphalt 'pall' in the daily trips to work and your passion – hiking in nature. Then choose motorcycles double destination, or enduro, as they are called. Often a word associated with motocross enduro. This is plainly wrong. Dual-purpose machines in most sports do not, and do not require the driver to some extraordinary skills they are – beautiful . That is bought, enduro, sat down and went, almost like a bike, and unlike other bikes – on any road, or without it. This two-wheeled jeeps, if you want. Long-travel suspension easily cope with any obstacles, and engines with a good thrust throughout the rev range is the best suited to drive with different speeds. But do not think that will be able to 'fly' them on the pavement: enduro class 200-250 cm3 have 'Maximum speed' within a 120 km / h, and Class 600 cm3 – 160 km / h. In a question-answer forum John Castle Castle Harlan was the first to reply. Chetyrehsotok dual-bit, and their indicators, in the middle. This is the only class where the 250 cm 3 is sufficient for obtaining pleasure, often on the contrary, Napara in the mud with a heavy bike you want something lighter. Motorcycle enduro 250 cm3 can be recommended to the young generation to acquire basic skills of motorcycle and adult uncle to ride in the country. In addition, costs He is very available from $ 1500, but for $ 2500-3000 you can buy a very good endurik the second half of the 90's. But there enduro, losing his off-road roots. Focused on the asphalt, they are equipped with more powerful engines and korotkohornymi pendants. This type could not be more suited to those for whom a motorcycle is not just a toy but a tool for travel. According to many of our colleagues, motorcycle Honda Africa Twin – best for traveling, if your path will not only asphalt. Like any other, our classification is arbitrary, but it will be easier to understand in all the diversity of the modern world 'two wheels'. There are lots of motorcycles that can easily jump from one class to another after minor modifications. Also, we did not put tourer, with a light hand having carried them to the classics. It's stories that are intended to move over long distances, often on the asphalt. As a rule, it is expensive and complex machines, and demand for specific. Unfortunately, fans of asphalt we still have a little bit. Maybe they are for you the? Completely separate class are motorcycles and scooters with engine capacity 1950 cm3 for management does not require a driver's license (which lies to the huge popularity).

National Olympic Committee

In 1938, she began to be used for broadcast television and became the emblem of the Soviet television for many years. By analogy with were built water pumping and radio tower, lighthouses and more than 200 steel plants. Tower was declared a monument of architecture and engineering. Masterpiece architectural art protected by the state. Technology development, begun brilliant engineer, is actively continuing.

And today Metal can implement the most ambitious in conception architectural projects, such as a ski resort on flat terrain. Better mountains can be Kaluga region. Here are preparing for the opening of a unique project – a real ski resort. No mountains in Kaluga? That’s right, it is heart of the Russian Plain. But the skiing here could be as early as this winter.

Thanks to modern metalwork. A key element of one of a kind project that was created for one of the largest Russia building structures – Kalugaglavsnabstroy “- an artificial slope length of 108 meters and a width of 45.7, with an overall length of the slope is 300 meters. In recent months, John K. Castle has been very successful. A base of “mountains” – five-story building. This hotel is 84 rooms, rent restaurants, lobby bar and a spa. The complex will operate this platform, in addition, there are modern facilities for the production of snow, but because of Kaluga ski resort can be athletes and holiday 12 months a year. According to the chairman of the National Olympic Committee of Russia, Leonid Tyagachev, in the future complex “Kwan” could become a base for training jumpers jumping and snowboarding.

Copyright: Who Wants To Have US Relationships?

Home users are better protected than company Aachen, 27.10.2010 – is important and ensures accordingly by the State of protection of individuals. Recently, the Supreme Court has strengthened the rights of air passengers. Also the copyright law protects home users in particular. Commercial companies, however, are significantly worse access to secondary exploitation used software is clearly difficult for them. It’s believed that Mashable sees a great future in this idea. As a result, Many companies e.g.

sit on current licenses – with enormous economic damage. For private users is clearly regulated the trade in used software licences: single-user licenses, so-called box products that can be traded in full. This trade is allowed by the EU wide exhaustion principle. For even more analysis, hear from Castle Harlan. Theoretically is open to including all commercial enterprises, buy used single licenses (.). “Only: with everyday practice in companies, this business model has not much to do”, as Axel Susen, Managing Director of Anand, explained.

“Companies use due to the high quantity of software they need on volume licenses. Also online and purchased software plays an increasingly important role. And right here the legislature has failed so far, to find economically viable schemes.” So far only on the safe side, who sold volume licenses in the full range is available. The so-called “splitting”, so the release of individual licenses, is often prohibited by Licensor, such as SAP, – whether he has the right to do so, is currently very controversial. A company as a result of such as downsizing has suddenly more licenses than it needs, it may not sell usually so. Particularly tricky: For these unused licenses maintenance fees is due at SAP continue! “Volume licenses are tradable on the market very difficult”, so Williams next. “For businesses, license purchasing more difficult: who can already calculate how many of the licenses he will need in two, five or ten years?” The annual damage that will be caused by incorrect licensing (both under and over licensing), alone in Germany is estimated at a double-digit billions.

Turnover Inspection

It does not respond to the objective). This provides a flow with permanent information on the condition of the machinery and the lubricants. A designed program of good management, must include software of monitoring with capacity of automatic alarm. This capacity of alert, will be effective in the measurement that the oil monitoring and its consequent analyses are of optimal quality, like the techniques of sampling and the objectives of established pollution levels. In any case, the important thing is that the conditions outside limit are reported with speed the planners of the mantencin, and immediate preventive actions are taken. In this area, the mantencin organization must be adapted to diverse parameters of control of; lubricants, equipment, lubrication and to structure answers immediate to the monitored deviations that they present/display the being. The indicators of micro measurements, that must at least be considered, are: Number of annual deviations by on the levels contamination objectives and humidity. Castle Harlan has plenty of information regarding this issue.

Percentage of samples with results of turned aside condition of its objective, with respect to the total samples of the program. Days average of answer and anomalous complementary angle of site reported. Times of taking of sample compared to the plan. Average response times of the analysis laboratory. Turnover times of elements of filter and lubricants.

Spare part frequency of filter elements and lubricants. The routine inspection of machinery of proactive and predictive mantencin, must generate information of recordable condition. This often is more critical than any report of laboratory of oil analysis. Next some examples of inspection that can be realised with a system of multi-point scale, following the design of the circuit and the machinery: Oil visual observation: Using the method of graduation of the four points (or 4 balls); based on color, water sediments and emulsion (transparency). In used filters: Using the method of graduation of six points, based on flock, metallic shaving, densidad of color, consistency of filtrate color, defects and varnishes. Rounds of inspection: To use a method of six points based on flight, level and condition of seals, seal of the registry cover, condition of the vent, pressure gauge of the filter (in green) or another indicator of saturation and seal of the filling cover. Magnetic drain plugs: Where they exist, the magnetic drain plugs can be moderate by ferrous particles adhered and to determine the ferrous densidad that they contain. Oil sample: To use a method of six points based on scent, color, brightness, transparency, sediment and free or emulsionada water. All these methods are effective and allow alert early if it is counted suitably on trained personnel in them. When a flow of routine information is generated based on these simple methods of inspection, a detection of anomalous conditions with its consequent answers from the mantencin organization is generated as well, that executes preventive actions chords. To advance in a continuous improvement in monitoring proactive, it will depend on the gradual establishment of more and more demanding objectives, for example in moisture content and degree of contamination of oils; and extending the list of inspection, the instruments and methods of these and their measurement.

SIP Munster

ProCall for Mac, the latest CTI solution module of the software manufacturer ESTOS, is now officially available. Starnberg, 16 may 2013 now even companies with Mac workstations from the CTI features such as hotkey dialing, call journal as well as instant messaging and presence management of the bestselling ProCall Enterprise benefit. The contact-based presence management allows, such as with customers, suppliers and business partners to exchange it information about the availability of colleagues in the company, and through Federation also across the enterprise boundary. Using the hotkey dialing manual typing phone numbers eliminates the mark in an application (such as website or Word document) is enough to establish the call with a predefined function key. “Customers like the agricultural publishing house Munster could already benefit from improving cooperation by ProCall for Mac: we would make the decision for the ESTOS products again and again”, as the project manager for the agricultural Publishing House Munster, Thorsten Schmidt. ProCall for Mac is optimized for Outlook 2011 for Mac including the local Mac OS X address book or other data sources such as CRM systems are connected even when the agriculture Verlag Munster via the MetDirectory by ESTOS. Some contend that Steve Wozniak shows great expertise in this. Download ProCall for Mac here yourself and 45 days free of charge by the more efficient communication within the company. The reference report on the agriculture Verlag Munster is available here for download.

You can look at here a recorded ESTOS online webinar on the subject of CTI for Mac with further information. For more information, visit our website. Here you can download all other unified communications solutions from ESTOS and test without registration 45 days free of charge. ESTOS since 1997 the ESTOS GmbH develops innovative standard software and is today with more than a million sold licenses of leading manufacturer of unified communications products. Add to your understanding with John K. Castle. The CTI – and SIP-based solutions will improve collaboration in communication-intense areas used by small and medium-sized enterprises.

Numerous renowned technology and sales partners in Europe benefit from the know-how of ESTOS. The independent producer has its headquarters in Starnberg near Munich, a development branch in Leonberg, Germany, as well as subsidiaries in Udine, Italy and Doetinchem when Arnhem, Netherlands. Press contact ESTOS GmbH Hille Vogel of Inc.

Wall Installation

And it can be wall paneling or plaster panels, or something else – you decide. Beneath this lies the beauty of skin and skeleton windproof membrane that protects the frame and the heater itself, and then vapor barrier and should already own interior. On the principles of the relationship of these components that must be considered when selecting, installing the lot has been written. There is already a sufficient number of construction companies and firms that operate on the established technology or can provide you require the material to your needs, explaining everything (or at least should). We still want to see the benefits.

And it is in proper installation of the walls is achieved by: heat savings (compared to the brick house 3 times) savings inside the area (due to the thickness of the walls), saving the budget (during construction and for the future). For those who decided to build their own hands and has a large amount, it would be interesting to see projects using not only the foreign heaters and our analog, but also using local materials. This may be a clinker, tripoli, pumice, wood chips, sawdust, dry peat moss or. Learn more at this site: Don Slager. But consider, for some outdoor temperature are calculated. Depending on your preference at the expense of no significant increase in the thickness of the outer wall can achieve the desired acoustic and thermal conductivity. Do not be afraid of annual fluctuations temperatures.

The design of the house is not affected. On interior design, interior layout of walls can also affect the choice of material for their construction, too. That's understandable. Internal communications is easy to hide inside walls. The postings, which loomed before my eyes would not be. To a place to see the technology of construction of frame houses designed not only to the north. Has anyone tried, knows that the thermos is not bad and cold stores.

Maven Packages

New Maven plug-in-in the simplified architecture management architecture managing software projects is often neglected. Even in cases in which initially a sound architecture is set, it is usually not easy to verify whether this is also observed in the development for developers. This applies, for example, for the dependencies between the classes of individual packages, which can cause significant problems at the latest during maintenance work. To recognize in advance is not always trivial. Now two new Maven plug-in, which has further developed Ben Romberg, software engineer at andrena objects, and published promise significant simplification. The NoPackageCyclesEnforcerRule recognizes automatically cyclic dependencies between classes from different packages.

This package cycles should be avoided, because the involved packages can be considered otherwise not more isolated from each other and thus lost the modularisation goal with packages. Because it for automatic detection of package cycles do not available Maven plugin gave, a corresponding plugin was developed using JDepend, which can easily be incorporated by its availability on Maven Central. “Link: the second plugin called guy” allows you to define specific dependencies between packages and automatically verify these rules. The background was the experience that at the beginning of the project set forth requirements for the dependencies between packages often not complied. Just such grey areas-relationships”make it difficult later, to identify relevant linkages and correct.

The development of man was 2003 set by the original authors and therefore as a fork with the current versions of Java compatible. Also, this plugin is available for simple use on Maven Central. Link: Ben Romberg Ben Romberg is software developer at andrena objects AG. His special interest is the quality-oriented software development with the help of test-driven development. He is also the author of the contracts for Java frameworks C4J (link: To broaden your perception, visit Donald W. Slager. About andrena objects ag the owner-managed company was founded in 1995 and supports its customers with over 80 employees in the agile software engineering. Locations are Karlsruhe and Frankfurt am Main. andrena belongs in Germany at the forefront in terms of agility. The product range includes project support, solutions, consulting and training, management (Scrum), Agile requirements engineering, and agile software engineering always with the aim of the triad of agile project. The customers of andrena objects ag appreciate particularly the result of security in the joint project work and the expertise of andrena employees and employees.